Zoe Bray-Cotton’s Yoga Burn Review


Yoga and Your Body

Yoga is a Hindu type of discipline. It includes meditation, breathing control, performing physical positions and relaxation. There are six paths of yoga and they are: the Jnana, Bhakti, Raja, Karma, Hatha and Mantra yoga. Each has its own procedure, purpose while some have their respective physical positions.

One of the reasons why it is used as an exercise for weight loss is because of the physical movements and positions. One of the most important factors in weight loss is knowing what your body needs and how to feed it. Yoga creates a spiritual connection between the body and mind.

As in all types of weight loss regimes, it is wise to seek medical help. There are yoga poses and positions that can challenge a person physically and caution must be taken especially for those with pressing medical conditions. People who are suffering from certain illnesses are required to seek medical help before engaging into yoga. It is not wise to desire a fit body while sacrificing one’s health. That can be foolish. You would not want to put your health to further risk.

Yoga Burn system

Reviewing Yoga Burn

basic-pose1Something that is going viral online is the brand new Yoga Burn course. It is a type of exercise created by Zoe Bray-Cotton. Zoe is a yoga instructor, body transformation guru for women and a personal trainer. She created a yoga program for 12 weeks. She used Dynamic Sequencing as an approach that promotes a healthy way to lose weight and in a natural way.

Zoe explains some of the reasons why women fail in losing weight while doing yoga. Let’s review some of the popular reasons why women fail:

  • Enrolling in Common Yoga Classes – Common yoga classes or those that are referred to as ‘generic’ classes. Generic in the sense that there is a specific procedure that all people enrolled in the class should perform. What makes it a failure is that people have different needs, different body makeup and a specific approach will not work for everybody. You cannot do advanced poses if you are just a beginner, just like experts going back to beginner poses. Bottom line, people enrolling in yoga classes must know their needs and the level they can enroll in. They can seek professional help by consulting with yoga instructors regarding this matter.
  • All Yoga Classes have the same Purpose of Lowering Stress Levels and Promote Relaxation – Just like not all people have the same needs, yoga classes are not all the same especially the procedures and the results they yield. Yoga is not all about lowering your stress levels and bring relaxation. Stress allows the body to produce cortisol which is a stress hormone in which if it is in high amounts can make the body store more fats. Attending yoga classes that is not designed for your need can increase cortisol in your body thus allowing your body to store more fats.
  • Yoga Means Doing the Same Poses When Attending Yoga Classes – You can always say that the yoga class is the best if it considers your specific needs. The specific yoga class is a good pick if you see results within a week.

Doing the same yoga poses day after day is not as effective as doing yoga poses specifically designed for your level of expertise and health. You should be able to adapt to the program created specifically for you and you can see progression. This is considered effective yoga by Zoe.

Because of the three misconceptions of women on yoga, Zoe created the Dynamic Sequencing. With this, you can perform the correct and exact poses, how long it has to be done and its corresponding correct order. This will prevent you from not experiencing good results to no results at all.

fat burning pose #2

If all these are considered, women will surely achieve the body that they need and the condition that the mind has to be in.

How The Yoga Burn System Works

As in all yoga classes, there is a system that has to be done in order to achieve the results that you desire. The Yoga Burn system follows three phases and they are the following:

  1. The Foundational Flow – safety and effect is the goal in this phase. Safety should be a priority and this is a priority in yoga as well. You do not want to cause more harm to your body instead of bringing it to another level of health. This phase also sees to it that the program designed for a certain person is effective for him/her. There are poses and sequences that will increase metabolism. This is indeed helpful when it comes to weight loss.
  2. The Transitional Flow – here the poses in the first and second phase are combined to create a specific sequence. In this phase your mood is enhanced and problem areas are eliminated. You will see visible results during this phase.
  3. The Mastery Flow – as the name implies, you have already mastered the flow of the sequence. In this phase, your metabolism is boosted to another level, plus your butts become firmer.

Zoe included in the program two bonuses which four additional videos, including Tranquility Flow. These are the things you can expect from the yoga system created by Zoe:

Video thumbnails of the course including bonuses

Benefits to Enjoy with the Yoga Burn

Yoga in general can bring countless of benefits to people engaged in it. It promotes a fit and healthy body and creates a clear and sound mind. With Yoga Burn, there are specific benefits that women can enjoy such as:

  1. Women in different fitness levels can benefit from the program. Since the program is not a generic type of program, it will definitely meet the specific needs of certain individuals enrolled in the system. Poses are also created not to increase a person’s stress levels but instead lower them. You do not want to do something that will bring stress to your bodies as it can cause risks to your health. Zoe wanted something that is safe and effective all at the same time.
  2. The program is focused on the fat-burning results that people can enjoy. The system is created to yield the best results and not enrollees who experience a plateau and an eventual loss of interest in the system. The system is not boring in general. There will be something new and something challenging that will pique the curiosity, interest and keep people inspired in reaching their goal.
  3. The product is very affordable and it actually works. Compared to other yoga classes, the system created by Zoe is affordable. What makes it affordable is that you are just going to make a one-time investment. You do not have to pay for the sessions on a monthly basis. You don’t need to travel from your home or office just to attend a yoga session. You can always do those yoga poses at the comforts of your home or wherever you are comfortable at. No pressure, no stress, no worries. All you just need is to purchase the program that is specifically designed for your need and you are good to go.
  4. The whole program created by Zoe is enough to help you through health and fitness, however Zoe did not stop there. She came up with two bonuses that were previously mentioned. The audio class that you can follow along is a popular choice since it is like joining an actual yoga class. It is like hitting three birds with one stone; the whole program plus the two bonuses.
  5. The 60-day money-back guarantee is indeed guarantee enough that the system does work. Zoe will send a full refund no matter what your reason may be behind your request. The money back guarantee is also putting you away from further risk.

Zoe in tranquil sitting position

It is always a requirement to take good care of our bodies as it can bring good health. Good thing that there are certain programs and systems such as the one by Zoe to aid people in their desire to achieve good health. People just have to know their needs, where they can seek help from and how to achieve their goals.

There is always a price to pay when it comes to health. One must invest time, energy and even money just to achieve good health. There are instances where good health is synonymous with being fit and being fit can mean healthy diet and exercise. All of the mentioned are parts and particles of each other; one is connected to the other.

Another thing to consider when talking about health and fitness is one’s body type. One of the most effective way to achieving optimal health and a fit body is by simply knowing your own body. Know what you want to achieve and consider making sacrifices in achieving it. Always remember that there is no easy way if you want to enjoy good health.

Another thing to consider is a person’s gender as men and women have different body make up. With this, achieving optimal health will mean treading different routes. Bottom line, women’s weight loss process differs from those of men.

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Choosing an Exercise Regimen that Will Work

As what was mentioned, men and women’s body makeup may differ that is why choosing which one will work for men or women can be challenging. Most women just want to lose weight and tone their bodies while some men want more muscles here and there. Women prefer something light while men prefer something hard and intense. Choices may vary depending on a person’s preference.

Exercises for Women

Though what was mentioned was a general perception, there are instances that women want something hard and intense while men want something lighter. Bottom line, the choice of exercise will depend upon a person’s choice and preference.

For women, they must know what they want for their bodies. Are there areas in the body that they want to tone, are there areas that they want to shape or are there areas that they want to remain in its condition. Once a woman knows her body and knows her needs then the way to staying fit and healthy is at hand. Here are three exercises, how it works and what it can do for the body:

  1. The Single Leg Deadlift – with this exercise, you will need a set of dumbbells with weights that you can handle. The exercise is done by lifting the dumbbells while standing on your left foot. As you do this, your right foot should be lifted until it is parallel to the floor. Push your body as far as you can. While lifting your body, make use of your gluteal muscles. This will strengthen your gluteal muscles and will benefit the whole core. It is also popular among women who are suffering from back pains.
  2. The Push Up – there is no need for any type of equipment for this type of exercise. It will put the entire body to work which is why this is a popular choice. All you have to do is to stay on your hands and toes with hands flat on the floor and with reach wider than your legs. Lift your body up and push it down without having your body touch the floor. This is good for people who want to burn calories off their bodies and develop their chest muscles.
  3. Cardio Intervals – as what the name implies, it benefits the cardiovascular system of a person’s body. Always choose an equipment to use for the exercise such as a treadmill, a bike or a jump rope. Make some repetitions on a pattern of intervals. You can always incorporate this exercise on your routine to achieve a healthy body and not only a fit one.

These are just three of the many exercises that will work for women. Today, the most popular type of exercise that will not only yield physical health but mental health as well is yoga. One can always use yoga for weight loss as it is also considered a physical exercise that tones and strengthens the muscles. Ultimately, muscles are the fat-burning machine that will lead to weight loss and a better looking you.