Rory Winton Reviews “The Desire System”

| October 11, 2013 | 6 Comments

Our first digital product review is from Rory Winton.

He reviews The Desire System created by David Tian and published by Christian Hudson – The Social Man.

This information product, an exclusive online membership, is designed specifically to help men overcome their anxiety in talking to beautiful women. It also teaches them how to improve their existing relationships by creating lust and desire in a girl.

Here is a quick 10 minute YouTube video snippet taken from the official Desire System website:

If you’d like to learn more about Dr David Tian, check out his website. Other than that, you may be interested in his course, but it is highly recommended that you read Rory’s review first.

Something like this is highly controversial and has been known to offend some women. It is also not exactly for every man because it isn’t some magic cure-all solution that’s going to just work without any effort from him.

If the review helped you out, don’t forget to help spread the word and give Rory credit for his unbiased information. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, etc or if you’re a webmaster, link to it! Stay tuned for the next info product/service review.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m so tempted to check this out. Are you sure it’s not a scam?

  2. Jessica says:

    This is an absolute outrage! You guys think that you got us figured out? You really think this crap works… that we’re just some sort of puzzle and we’re all alike? This is the biggest crock of sh*t I’ve ever seen

  3. Randy H says:

    Dude I gotta admit, this is probably one of the best PUA training programs I’ve ever come across. I love how they teach you the exact things to do and say when girls give you their “compliance tests”. Also, the approach mechanism Dr. Tian shares is amazing! I gotta say that I’m quite shy by nature but this is certainly one of the best for me. I don’t have to approach them directly, but it is more like a sneaky ninja trick. I tried it the other weekend and it worked! I got this girls number… but I’m afraid to text her to soon. Every time I text a girl I seem to mess up. How do I fix this? When do i first text her. Is this covered in one of the bonuses that I got? I haven’t even gotten that far yet LOL. But anyways, I highly recommend this system! Peace out bros 🙂

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