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Sarah Brown’s Venus Factor Review

| October 13, 2013 | 6 Comments

Sarah Brown used the Venus Factor as a recommendation from her friend Samantha. Before using the Venus Factor, she’d tried everything imaginable when it came to weight loss pills and diets. 

She’d used things like green coffee extract, raspberry ketones, açaí berry extract, HCG diet, lemonade diet (master cleanse), and all to no avail…

Let’s discuss quickly who Sarah is and why her experience is important (as it may be a bit like yours).

infoNOTE: The Venus Factor is only for women as it has been strictly developed for female physiology! Men, check out Customized Fat Loss.

Sarah is a busy, hard working mother of three. Her recent pregnancy had left her quite dangerously overweight, and her best friend, Samantha, felt really pressed to help her. At five and a half foot tall, she weighed 192 pounds. If you are familiar with BMI (body mass index), it is based on your height-to-weight ratio, and Sarah’s meant that she was very obese.

With that being said, she finally gave the program Sam recommended a try. She was actually able to stick to the plan very easily because it didn’t call for any life-altering changes. She was still able to eat the things she loved and she didn’t need to spend hours in the gym.

This is simply because the whole idea behind the system is that it is based on reducing the body’s leptin resistance. Leptin enzymes naturally regulate fat storage and fat burning in the body. They’re controlled by the brain, and all though women have twice as much leptin than men, it is naturally inclined to lead to fat storage as opposed to burning fat.

It all goes back to the difference in genetics between men and women, but it is the primary reason women have a harder time losing weight than men… until now.

Only having to make some subtle changes to her diet to help optimize her leptin enzymes for a more efficient metabolic rate, Sarah was easily able to finally stick to something that appeared to work.

She lost 27 pounds in only 8 weeks. Although it doesn’t seem like an amazing weight loss feat, Sarah was very happy and Samantha was proud. It really only meant the beginning to a healthier, more energized, and happier lifestyle.

The Venus Factor has helped Sarah lose well over 10% of her body fat which has also greatly reduced her stress levels because she feel better physically and emotionally.

Getting to a healthy BMI level is crucial for many reasons, but having a positive self image goes very far in improving stress levels. Stress also produces something called cortisol, and it is a hormone that leads to things like grey hair, fatigue, plaque build-up in the arteries, but also weight gain.

If you’re wanting to learn more about the Venus Factor, you can visit the official site here.